About Us

We fell in love with the Australian Mist breed more than 18 years ago and have been breeding since 2006.

We are registered breeders with The Ancats National Cat Alliance.

We are also registered with the Shire of Mundaring as a cat breeder per the Cat Act of 2011.


Meet The Team

silverado mist (24).jpg

Nintu Marmor

Lordly Odin

Born: 09-10-2015
Breeder: Truda


Silverado Tina Turner

Born: 25-02-2018
Breeder: Joan Quinn

Beltane Samba

Born: 02-12-06
Breeder: Barbara Dorrell

Silverado Zsa Zsa Gabor

Born: 22-10-2016
Breeder: Barbara Dorrell

Silverado Frangipani

Born: 22-10-2016
Breeder: Joan Quinn


Reserve a Kitten

I require a deposit of $100 to reserve a kitten for a buyer. I allow a cooling off period of two weeks and will refund the deposit during this time. After this the deposit becomes non-refundable.

We take VISA and Mastercard.

Before you choose

Check out the information on our Buyer's Beware page and our Kitten Care Guide for all the information you need to know BEFORE you choose your kitten.

Adoptability & Children

As with all catteries, the majority of our kittens go to pet homes. We aim to preserve the famous Australian Mist Purrsonality of kittens bred to be intelligent, people loving and people bonded mates. Mists adjust quickly to small children and households with other pets.

Pictures courtesy Simon Cuthbert
"Of course any litter may give us show and breeding quality kittens."
My Guarantee

After the kitten has been picked up I allow a four-weeks "no questions asked" return period in case the kitten does not fit into your circumstances. After that period I cannot guarantee a full refund but will always take the kitten/cat back for re-homing.

I am more than happy to answer inquires. The best way to contact me is by email or just leave a message and I will get back to you.

Important Information

Learn more: Kitten care guide

Learn more: Buyer beware!

Your soon-to-be kitten is raised in a home which has at present four beautiful Queens and three studs.  Each kitten is given lots of love and attention not only by its Mum but also its human family.  Your kitten comes desexed, microchipped and vaccinated, with ANCATS- Australian National Cats  registration papers.

Our Cats
SCP_1429 (2).jpg
Tina Turner
Brown Spotted
4th October 2019
Brown Spotted
Blue Spotted
16th August 2020
Blue Spotted
Our present stud Odin. Cat of the Year 2018.
Silverado Kobi
13th November 2019
New Stud
Lilac Spotted
Our Retired Cats
... here is Latina Roo looking gorgeous and pleased by her recent award at the Royal Show 2012. and Ancats shows!
... and here she is enjoying some quiet time on the couch with my husband, Ken!