We love going to Award shows and regardless who wins, we always have a great time, meeting Australian Mist lovers and the best part is we came back as winner too!


We are a registered breeder with 

ANCATS National Cat Alliance

Results from ANCATS Shows


2018 - Sil DB GD CH. Nintu Marmor Lordly Odin

I won Cat of the Year 2018 + Entire Cat of the Year and Best of Breed


I won Runner Up Kitten of the Year 2019 + Runner Up Best of Breed

DB GD CH Silverado Zsa Zsa Gabor

I won best entire cat

I won Best Entire Kitten 2017

DB GD CH Vesna

I came 8th for

Entire Kitten of the year

CH Silverado Tina Turner

I won best entire cat

I won Best Entire Kitten 2018

I Won

Best of Breed

2007 Awards - Samba


2007 runner up Cat of the Year!

Gold for Entire Kittens of the Year


Pictures from the Waratah Cat Of The Year awards 2007.


Winning Best of Breed Australian Mist 2017.


Winning the ANCATS Breeder of the Year 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.


Won ANCATS WA Supreme Cat 2019.

2007 Awards - Samba

Top 4th kitten

1 x Top 5

2  x Top 10

2  x Best of Breed

Best of section

2007 Awards - Brigita

2 - Challenges toward her championship

2 - Top 10's

1 - Top 5

1  x Best of Breed

2007 Awards - Jadzia

2 - Best of Breed

2 - Top 10's

1 - Top 5

4th in Ring 3