Colette and James, owners of Abbi and Jac

They are both very healthy and such time wasters but we are so happy with them and can not imagine our lives without them now.

Such a joy in our lives, thank you.

Jane and Oscar,

owners of Archie

H's wonderfHe's wonderful! He's really enjoyed the weekend with all of us home.

Linda West, owner of Alphie

Cold night in Wagin. Alphie mixing with the dogs.

Amy Larkin

Aggie just being her cute self.

Shelly Scadding

She is beautiful, I feel like she has an old soul in there somewhere, like she is watching over me. It’s a funny feeling. Benson is beautiful as well, very close to me as well, bumps her off for the lap sometimes.

Yes you certainly can use the photo, will have look see what others I have.

captivated by her own reflection on the computer, watching intently as the computer takes her photo.


Angela having a tough time choosing a kitten.


Grace and Pearl having a cuddle.


Graham hanging out with Sonny.